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Ironing press products
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Our ironing presses come in two categories - Fastpress, a domestic ironing press that is also strong enough for light commercial use (non steam press only) and the Blanca Press, a heavy duty,  professional ironing press - both will save you large amounts of time and effort.

Our ironing presses offer the following advantages:

No risk money-back satisfaction guarantee.
Cut your ironing time in half and it's no longer a chore.
Iron in comfort sitting down
Superb professional finish - five times the pressure of hand ironing.
Proven quality, built to last and withstands heavy use.
Clothes last longer (they really do - there's no friction).
Spares availability for the life of the press.
Home trials and telephone help line.
Fast Systems 20 years experience as ironing machine specialists.

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Buy Online Today and get up to £50 discount

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